Base version

Base structure including a ramp with 2 banks, 1 side door, 2 window grids per side, isolated front and roof 30mm and truck assembling components. The product can be upgraded at 360° as regards to the dimensions as for the accessories. For any further information do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

Construction characteristics

Built with preassembled modules
Extremely easy/fast mounting and stocking
Extreme torsion rigidity, light but robust
Multifunctional bars which can be adapted to any vehicle in commerce with grooves for the mounting of accessories and supports
Compatible with any accessory already available on the market
Connecting flanges and accessories in high resistance steel FE510
Completely built in high resistance aluminium 6005
Insulated self-supporting roof and front with panels 30mm
Loading ramp with bank for the charging with practical and silent opening/closing system

Project characteristics

1 Simplified mounting system so that highly qualified labour work or special machineries can be avoided.
2 The system is delivered in mounting kits which allow to certain cost reductions regarding transport and stocking. Moreover, the mounting kit grants fast production lead times from GILPEG INDUSTRIES, which are around 20 working days.
3 GILPEG INDUSTRIES grants to the customer/coach builder all the needed technical support and its know how in order to define the details linked to the supply.
4 The product is delivered raw in order to allow the customer to apply the finishing based on the needs and requirements of the final customer.
5 The project in its simplicity allows to satisfy the needs of the final customer in a short period of time without binding or determining the choice of the vehicle on which the product will be mounted.
6 The kit has been optimized also in case of transfer on an other vehicle with a different frame. This characteristic is due to the use of a complete smooth base and extendable bars. This helps the structure and allows a fast transfer without structural changes.
7 The product has been projected keeping in mind the different needs of each single final user. GILPEG INDUSTRIES is able to change height an total largeness but also single heights, number of fix planes and much more, without influencing significantly on the deliver times, this thanks to the modularity of the project itself.