The company

Never inert material was well thought out and developed, shaped and moulded, etched and carved like aluminium, which is the basis of this project

The study and application has led GILPEG INDUSTRIES to express the infinite potential of this precious material, because we believe that the only thing that leads to the objectives are perseverance and research. These are the milestones of the starting point of any project at GILPEG. Precious, because perfect in its simplicity of extruded material, perfect for its resistance to time, perfect for its strength given to a project which final goal is only and exclusively the complete satisfaction of the end user, satisfaction to be achieved "sewing" on to each their own equipment, choosing from the long list of accessory options available that will satisfy everybody.

All components of the GILPEG world are designed and manufactured with the dual purpose of giving not only a high quality product, but also an object that day by day for many years to come, gives the subtle pleasure that only a high quality and well made object can give. GILPEG INDUSTRIES has put heart and soul and this, if you will put your work, in the end you’ll see we’re right.