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Never inert material was well thought out and developed, shaped and moulded, etched and carved like aluminium, which is the basis of this project

A product rich in history

The story of Gilberto Pegoraro comes from a tradition of craftsmanship, from a family passion and the ability to understand the future. His grandfather Giovanni was building threshers and with his hard work and sacrifice, he made the work of others easier. The same mission of making people’s work simpler is in the DNA of his grandson. Coming from his father’s footsteps and with its long experience at IRMA, leading company which was founded by his father Sante, he grew up starting from the base.

In the generational change, the Pegoraro family has preferred the work on the field: knowing the product, studying it, developing it and building it by working together with the workers, with the proud by knowing that each detail will be appreciated by the expert eye. In 2006 Gilberto Pegoraro has found its own company with the achieved credits and the experimental experience with the desire to give a new impulse to the market. He has developed new products and has immediately produced them looking for the International markets and opening new ways. Today, Gilpeg Ind wants to look forward. In the veins of this visionary, worker, craftsman, entrepreneur there is the will to “travel” together with the client which is considered like a privileged friend.

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