Project which has been developed following the indications of the best Italian coachbuilders in order to simplify the production and handling system of the final product, reducing the costs and giving the final customer a product with construction quality and lightness without forgetting the esthetical factor and the general robustness.

Constructive characteristics

Completely without weldings
Extreme torsion rigidity
Can fit onto any vehicle on the market up to 80 q
No welding to be done
Delivered in mounting kits including hardware, nuts and bolts
Extreme easy/fast mounting and stocking
Compatible with any accessory already existing on the market


Anodized external parts
Connecting flanges and hardware in high resistance steel FE510
Completely in aluminium 6005

2 dedicated preparation programs

Means to put put the buying coachbuilder in the conditions to increase its own production by planning, together with GILPEG INDUSTRIES, a handling of weekly supply, based on its production capacity. The kit can be supplied “Just in time” for the assembling of the product , right at the deadline chosen by the buyer, optimizing the stock availability in the warehouse and optimizing the delivery times.
The “Complete” program is to completion to the “Just in time” program. It allows to have the chosen preparation completed with preassembled accessories and perforated profiles, reducing furthermore the production lead time and increasing the quality of the product as every single element is worked on automated control machines granting therefore a percepted quality from the high level final users side.

* Both programs imply the supply of a minimum monthly quantity